Byebye Biscuit camera

Today's picture: Fuuvi Biscuit camera.

I've been using below's biscuit camera for my weekly photo blogs. I've had it since 2013. It's good camera and I like it a lot.
The only bad thing is trying to using it in a dark/low light room. Then the pictures don't stand out as well.

Recently I brought a Digital Harinezumi by Superheadz. I've brought the Blackbird Fly which was create by the same company, so I thought I'll give this new toy camera a go. It's nice that it has a preview screen, because with the biscuit camera doesn't have a preview screen, only a peek hole.
The next few months, this blog will have pictures from the Harinezumi camera.
I'll have to see which camera I like more. With the test shots from Harinezumi camera, it doesn't seem as clear and the contract is bright, but maybe I'm using the wrong settings.