Betty's burger

Today’s picture: Betty’s buger

I first encountered Betty’s buger when I was in Melbourne and back home in Sydney they have a store in Darling Quarter area.
The buns is nice and soft. I hate it when the buns are too hard or too big to eat. I hope this restuarant stays around for a long time. It’s hard to find a nice burger place.
Instead of chips, I got onion ring, Yum~ Onion rings is nice and crunchy too.


Happy Chinese New Year

Today picture: Golden pig

Happy Chinese New year! This year I’ve noticed more western businesses getting into chinese new years, with having sales, although they are all calling it lunar new year.
It’s nice that business are becoming more cultural or maybe it is an excuse to bring more business/money in. Who knows..
The picture was take in a shopping centre. They had a giant gold painted pig on display.
Hope everyone has a wondering year and it brings many new memories and fun days!

On another note, I’ve decided to go back to the Digital Harinezumi. It wasn’t cheap to buy, so I don’t want to waste more money buying another toy camera. I’ve decided I’ll need to get use to the colour and try and master it.
Therefore with future post, it’ll be a combination of Digital Harinezumi and instant film pictures. On the bottom of the picture I’ll make a note of which camera was used, so it’ll be more clear.
My main goal for 2019 would be to use the Digital Harinezumi and the Mint TL70. The Mint camera is more harder to take with me everyday, so it’ll be used for special occasions or when I’m doing a day trip somewhere. That way I can get more out of using the film.
As for the Fujifilm instax, it was fun to use and it influenced me to buy the Mint TL70. But I will retire that camera and stick with the Mint TL70. I don’t want to overdose with too many cameras. It’s best to focus on mastering the Harinezumi and TL70 to take better shots with it everyday.

Taken with Digital Harinezumi

Taken with Digital Harinezumi

Model of Sydney CBD

Today’s picture: Model of Sydney CBD

The picture below is a model of Sydney CBD area. Does it look real?
The lights from the ceiling gave the picture a cloudy/foggy look.
I don’t go to the city as often anymore. When I do go in, there’s always new buildings and new shops. Things come and go. New trend also comes and go.
During my school days the ‘bubble tea‘ phase was kicking in. Years last it’s stlll around but now there’s so many different shop names. I don’t know which one is good or not.