Today's picture: Weed

Is this a weed or a flower... are weeds flowers too. 
Someone told me, weeds grow faster than flowers. I wonder why that happens.
I don't know if today's picture is a flower or a weed.
In a backyard people pull out the weeds. but if your at a park, there would be weeds everywhere.
I guess everyone has their views on different topics.



Today's picture: Seagull

When I see seagulls it reminds me of Finding Nemo movie. When they say MINE! MINE! MINE!
I wondering if the birds are always hungry. When you feed them bread it's never enough. I wonder if they are saying MORE! MORE! MORE! instead.
Feed one bird and more birds will arrive. I get worried when more birds arrive because they might follow you when you leave.


Today's picture: Zoomer robot puppy

Zoomer the robot puppy is cute and I've had it for a while. The latest release is a horse from the company. It looks nice but the horse sound isn't that nice.. so I haven't brought the horse version.
I hope in the future there will be more robot dogs like zoomer and aibo. The new aibo looks amazing but of course there will be a price tag with it too.