New camera

Today’s picture: Mint tl70
All I want for Christmas is….?! A new camera.
For Christmas I brought myself a present for myself. The camera is a mint tl70. It’s a twin lens instant film camera.
I was browsing for more information about instant cameras and I was going to buy the Fuji Instax mini 90 but by chance someone was reviewing about the mint tl70.
I’ve used it on 2 trips and you can waste lots of film with no picture. But I love how it give me more power to change the focus and other settings.
It caught my eye because of the twin lens. I own a Black Bird Fly and it was fun to use. But developing the fim and then editing the negative film is a pain to deal with. If I didn’t want the sprocket then I can develop the pictures but because I want the sprocket “look“ on with the film, then I had to edit the negative the film myself.
I’ll test the camera a few more time and see how it goes. Always fun to have a new toy to play with!


A new year with Kagami mochi

Today’s picture: Kagami mochi (鏡餅)

This year I brought a kagami mochi to place in my house for good luck. It’s a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. The new year’s spirit will visit your home to bring good luck into the new year.
After early January you can take down the decoration and eat the mochi inside. I can’t wait to try it.
In one Japanese shop was selling a very large kagami mochi for $100. I’m happy with my small and cheaper kagami mochi.