Octopus 「たこ」

I make this baby octopus plushie a few weeks ago as a birthday present for friend's  1 year old daughter.
The eyes are on an angle... but I guess it makes it more cute haha! Do you agree?!
Both materials are felt fabric. Thought it'll be more nicer for the little one, than thin cotton.
The legs are a bit weird looking... but I'm working on a second version now. Want to see what difference it'll make if I edit my pattern. It's all part of the learning process! o(^_^)o

Surprisingly this took one day to cut, hand sew and stuff! Quicker than I thought.
Now that I'm working on the second plushie.... it's taking forever to sew the legs! My mind knows I'm not in a rush, so it's not working over time! hehe.

Photo is below. Do you like it?