Otedama (お手玉)

Recently I've been making otedama bags. It's like happy sacks, a small bag filled with beans. It can be used for juggling or to play a game which is similar to jacks. Otedama is a Japanese children's game, which uses 5 bags. 
I have a lot of spare material and thought these were really cute and a fun project to do on the side. All 3 otedama bags are different sizes because I wanted to see the end result. But I've settled on the smallest size because it's a nicer fit in my hand. Traditionally these bags are made with silk kimono material but I don't have any, so I've stuck with cotton material which is just as pretty.
All bags are hand sewn. Sewing machines is faster, but sometimes it can't get into small tricky corners. I don't mind hand sewing, I prefer it because I find it more enjoyable. My stuff toys/plushies are hand sewn too. It's good to practice your basics.

I'm planning to make a few more otedama bags to put on the store. So you or your family/friends can enjoy the bags too \(^-^)/