Review: The Dress 2 by Shinohara Tomoe

The book I’m going to review is called The Dress 2 by Shinohara Tomoe. In Japanese the title is ザ・ワンピース 篠原ともえのソーイングBOOK 2. I haven’t brought the first book but I think book 2 has more nicer dress designs.
I first came across Shinohara Tomoe on a Japanese kid TV show called Miitsuketa! The second time was on a Japanese craft TV show; teaching your how to make a sew a scarf.
Tomoe is very talented. Can sing, can sew and make accessories.

In Japan they call dresses as one piece. When I was smaller I loved wearing dresses but as I’ve grown up, now I prefer the comfort of pants. I brought this book, so I can make the dresses I would like to wear.


The picture above is the content page. I love how it has a picture of each dress. Makes it more easier than flipping through the book isn’t it?
Because of EGL influence, I’m a big fan of the A-line skirts/dress.

The spotty dress is nice for summer days. I wondering if it’ll make a good maternity dress.

It’s always nice to have a little black dress. Above would be nice to add to the work outfits.

The yellow dress has a nice retro look. But I wondering if you’ll need a peticoat under it. I like the raffle sleeves.

After the pictures, the book moves onto the patterns and how to put the dress designs together. This book has good designs to follow.


At the back of the book, it comes with fold out patterns for the dress.


In conclusion, the dress book has different designs for all occasion, from business to casual.
I look forward in trying these patterns out and create my own dresses. It’s finally spring in Australia, so it’ll be a good time to create some new dress for the hot summer days.

Author: Shinohara Tomoe / Cho
ISBN: 9784579116034
Purchase from cdjapan (Affiliate link)

Hope you enjoyed this book review!