DIY Snack Backpack

Snack backpack was a trend that started in Korea and then caught the attention of the Japanese school girls. 
I don't know if this is still popular or trending because I always find things out when it's not cool anymore.
Oh well, but it doesn't bother me because in my family I always get the hand-me-down items. So everything is cool to me regardless. 

Tools you'll need:
- Lots of sticky tape
- Scissor
- Lots of snacks (chips, Pocky, lollies etc)

 When you have brought all of the above, now we can start making the backpack.


  1. Start with the base/bottom of the bag. I chose a hard plastic box for the base because it will hold the 4 sides in place.
    Stick the sticky tape on each sides of the box
  2. Place each chip on the sticky tape of each side to make 4 walls (or the snack item you'll be using to make the sides on your bag)
  3. Sticky tape the top and sides of the bag
  4. Once the 4 walls is stable, now you can create the cover/flap on your bag (optional, if you don't want a cover)
  5. Next put aside the bag and start making the straps. I would recommend using something long and soft like muesli bars or roll ups because it's easier if it's flexible. In my video, I used Kinder Surprise small blocks and when sticky taping it, I put a space in between each block.
    Once done, you can create the second strap. If you want to create a messenger style bag, just create one long strap.
  6. When you've finished the strap, attach it onto the bag

Now you've completed and created you're own snack backpack!

I think this will be great for kids during Halloween. Hope you enjoy making your own snack backpack! 
If you do make one, I'll love to see it.

Enjoy the tutorial video below:

DIY Chicken in a Bottle

I was cleaning up my room and I found a bottle I brought last year. I was planning to fill it up with lucky stars, but haven't had time to make it. In other words, I've been lazy =p

The bottle came with 3 pills with different face expressions. Very cute expressions! I had to use it some how.

This is very easy to make and you can find any items around the house. Fill your bottle up with the things you like! 
For me, I had the bottle and pills for decoration. I had hard strings in my craft box. So I thought it'll make a good birds nest.
If you've watched my youtube channel, I have used the Easter wired chickens during my videos. (see the episode here). The chickens are so cute. I was planning to throw them away but then thought it'll be a good idea to stick it in a bottle! So I can stare at them forever. =D

Lets get started with the things you need:

  • Empty Bottle/jar
  • Wired Chickens/Easter chicken toy
  • Hard string/thread (for the nest)
  • Bamboo stick/long stick
  • Decorations (optional)


Before we begin, make sure your bottle/jar is nice and clean! You don't want extra food bits rotting inside you bottle! (^~^)

  1. Take your empty bottle/jar and put the nest inside the bottle. Use the bamboo stick to poke it in place
  2. Add the chickens on top of the nest. Use the bamboo stick to poke and push it in place
  3. Add the decoration inside the bottle or decorate the bottle on the outside with a ribbon

Now you're chicken in a bottle is complete! 

Watch the video below for visual instructions. Enjoy making your own bottle decorations and send a picture of your end product. I'll love to see it!

Too many things to do

I keep telling myself to stop buying pattern books and magazines! But it doesn't work... I still have to buy it. Now I have lots of patterns to try.. but where do I find the time??
I have to sit myself down and start something...

But even if I have started a project. I have a few unfinished items lying around.... I feel bad.
I have a stuff toy head completed, but I need to start on the body.
Below's picture, I've sew and stuff everything together, but I have to sew the head, body, arms and tail together!
If you're wondering what it looks like.. it was suppose to be a cat... but now it looks like a koala.

Another unfinished project is this octopus. I've sew everything together. Just need to put the face and stuff it. 
Hopefully I'll get around to all these projects and start a new one too.