Vending machine

Today’s picture: Vending Machines

When your in Japan, a vending machine is located on corners of streets and building area. In Sydney, it’s more rare to fine a vending machine. It’s mainly located in buisness buildings or train platforms.

I’ve only had one chip packet get stuck in the machine and then my train was arriving. I was sad to leave my snack behind that day.


Share Bicycle

Today’s picture: Share bicycle

I first heard about the rental/share bicycle last year when I saw orange bikes infront of someone’s property.
I was told by a friend that you rent the bikes and anyone can take use it.
It’s a nice system but I don’t know how successful it is during the outer city/urban area. I think it’s a great idea to have these bikes in the city CBD and tourist attraction areas.

Robi Jr

Today’s picture: Robi jr

When Robi first came out I really wanted one… but it costs too much and the company doesn’t sell the magazines in Australia. So I settled down with Robi Jr.
It can only sit, wave it’s arms and the eyes flash. Not that exciting but at least you can talk with it. Maybe it was better I didn’t waste my money on Robi. It’ll be sitting there gathering up dust as well.
There’s lots of robots now a days. Vector looks very cute but I wish it didn’t have the same body as Cosmo.

Taken with Fujifilm Instax mini 50S

Taken with Fujifilm Instax mini 50S