Iron Man

Iron Man アイアンマン Nendoroid Review

New video is up! It's an overview of Iron Man's nendoroid. This is based off Mark 7.
The faceplate is magnetic, which is a nice feature. It's good how it comes with 2 different types of blast for the hands and feet too.
When I was editing this video, I realized I forgot to take a pictures of Iron Man spinning 360. So this video isn't as detailed as the previous video, which was Card Captor Sakura. Silly me. But you learn from your mistakes.

Ah.. maybe I shouldn't have been gaming as much! Last week I got a copy of Child of Light. It's a fun game and I love the turn based combat style. It's all thanks for FF7 hehe. If your not a fan of this Iron Man video, I do apologies, I'll put more effort into my video.
Regardless, it's still a learning process and I've upgraded my editing program recently. I can't get the text to look nice and clear, had no problem with the older program. Hopefully I can work it out soon, or I'm stuck with crappy looking text!  

This is one of my favourite quotes in The Avengers:
Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?
Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
Haaaaa..... <3 Love Iron Man.

Can't want for the new Avengers movie!! It's out this month, in a couple of weeks I think? YAY! 
What movies are you waiting for this year? Let me know :)

Next week I'm planning to update a cooking video. Please look forward to next week!