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Cloud Strife Figure from Kingdom Hearts (Play Arts vol 2) Review

This week's video is unboxing Cloud Strife from Kingdom Hearts (Play Arts vol 2). It's an action figure. 
I had this figure for years but never opened it. So while storing the box, it has a few wear and tear now.

Unlike Figma or nendoroid, this figure had 4 parts. One hand (to hold the sword), sword, stand and figure holder. I guess I've been too spoiled with Figma and nendoroid with all the extra parts, but it was actually a relief to have less parts to fiddle with.
I'm not saying having the expressions and extra hand parts is bad. It's great because you can do more expressions and poses, although I can honestly say I dislike changing the hands around. I always feel like it'll snap off because I'm always struggling with it. Maybe I'm a weakling haha.

The figure is very sturdy and well built, reminded me of the old action figures I had as a kid. It's built to last. Comparing the figure to Figma, Figma always felt more delicate.

Wing and cape is attached the figure, but it cannot be removed. When you push the cape up, it will also push the wing too. You can view my youtube view below to see the movement.

Overall, it's a nice figure. The only thing I hated was the hand, I had such a hard time trying to put the hand back on the arm and there was only one hand!
The wing and cape is nice and it's what you see in the Kingdom Heart game too. But I wish you could take it off.