Time Lapse

Spinning Ice Cream Time Lapse

I've done a melting ice cream time lapse  in July, which can be found here.

I recently brought a turn table to use for future figure reviews/cooking videos. It made me wonder what it would be like doing a time lapse on the turn table, so I chose ice cream again!

Don't think it turned out well.. because you can't focus on what is happening. This might be the first and last spinning time lapse.

Sunset & Cloud Time Lapse

When I was on location, I thought I'll take a time lapse of a busy road with people walking pass... but everyone kept staring into the camera, so I've cropped it out and focused more on the clouds become darker as the sun goes down.

I've been having too much fun with doing time lapse videos. I'll need to create a new stop motion video soon. I've been writing down new ideas for videos, but I just need to make the stop motion. Hopefully soon!