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Review: Digital Harinezumi 2++ by Superheadz

After switching from Fuuvi’s Biscuit Camera. I tried using Digital Harinezumi 2++ by Superheadz.
This will be my review of using it since July 2018 to October 2018.


Using this camera made me miss my old Fuuvi Biscuit Camera. I have more negative views on the digital Harinezumi now. But everyone has their own views on what camera experience they like.
Let’s start with the good. The camera is cute and it looks like it holding film. It’s small (as wide as a credit card) and easy to store in any bag.
The camera uses 2x CR2 battery. Never heard of this battery size until I brought the camera. At least I found rechargable ones.

The bad. You’ll need a MicroSD card as it has no internal memory. When you want to download the pictures, you’ll need to take the MicroSD out of the camera. This part annoys me a lot. I wouldn’t say I have fat fingers but it takes me a long time trying to get the card out! It’s located on the bottom next to the battries. The flap cover gets in the way.
I also don’t like the look of the pictures. Even if it’s taken during day time or night time or low light pictures, the pictures has too much contrast and it’s grainy. I really don’t like the look and it has a higher megapixel then compared to the biscuit camera. The Fuuvi biscuit camera’s pictures was less grainly and the colour was more dull. Overall, it might be based on personal preference. I’m using to looking at the biscuit pictures since 2015. So I’ll need to practice more with thr Harinezumi and maybe the pictures colours will grow on me. Or I can try and trick the auto sensor with adding different shade of colours on top of the lens.


After researching again, I’ve decided to try out the Fujifilm Instax. I still like using film. I don’t need to develop the film or edit the picture myself ( unlike my BlackBird Fly. I developed the film, scan in the negatives and edit it on photoshop afterwards. This process is a pain and I don’t have the time to do this anymore).
Lucky someone let me borrow their Fujifilm Instax 50S. It’ll give me a good feel if I want to go down this path. If I do like it, then I can invest in a new Fujifilm Instax.

With the next future post, I will no longer be using a toy camera and will move onto instant camera. How exciting! New step in the world of photography. But the next few months I’ll see if I want to stick with the instant film or go back to Harinezumi
I don’t do as much photography anymore, but I’ll like to continue doing the weekly picture post.

It’s finally November. That means I’ve posted weekly picture post for 2 years now. It’s always fun taking picture when I can. I’m hoping I’ll have more fun with the Fujifilm Instanx.