Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask S.H. Figuarts Figure フィギュアーツ タキシード仮面 Review

This week's update is about Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask S.H. Figuarts figure.
In celebration with Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary, they are released lots of goodies non-stop! Although it has probably been 2-3 years since the actual 20th anniversary. But I'm not complaining, but my wallet is.
I brought the Inner Scouts figures too but I don't know where I've placed them.. should find them. 

How can you not love my coolness

How can you not love my coolness

It felt like they took forever to release Tuxedo Mask and Chibi Moon. Wonder why they released the Outer Scouts first. Oh well! Maybe they were saving the best for last, or something like that.

Look, it's our star locket ❤

Look, it's our star locket ❤

Join me with unboxing Tuxedo Mask's S.H. Figuarts figure. It comes with a rose, cane and of course the star locket!
I tried adding a commenting voice over this video. So many things I wanted to say, but I guess it's a bit limiting because I want to continue with using stop motion animation. Have to create more longer scenes if I want to talk more.
I know it'll be easier if I sit in front of the camera and record, the I can show everyone the product.. but I like the stop motion style. As the months has gone, I've improved more and more.

I hope everyone enjoy this style too and will continue watching. A BIG thank you to my 18 subscribers. I know 18 might not seem much, but I am thankful, someone out there is enjoying what I put on youtube. So thank you very much!
Feel free to send a request if you want me to do a stop motion of a particular topic.

Tuxedo Mask Action Figure

I've received my Tuxedo Mask S.H. Figuarts Figure. How exciting!!

I love Tuxedo Mask <3 He's my hero. But now that I'm more older... I guess he didn't really do much in battle besides throwing a rose and giving advice... hmm. He didn't appear much in Sailor Moon Stars too. Usagi was going to have an affair! haha.

I'm debating if I want to open the box... so tempted but I wanted to just display the box LOL.
When I think about it... I wonder where I put the rest of my Sailor Moon figures. I brought a set with the 5 scouts. I should find it.