Vlog | Fashion styles you dare not to wear (but secretly want to) | Top 3 ranking

This weeks Vlog is about fashion styles you dare not to wear (but secretly want to). I added my top 3 ranking too.

If the title makes no sense, what I mean is what fashion style do you like but won't wear it outside in public. Everyone has their own reasons, either it's too embarrassed, family or can't afford to keep up with the style. 

I do envy people who dresses how they want to and dye their hair.
In my previous work places were strict. If you had nail polish on, they'll make you take it off the same day. 

This video includes my top 3. The styles I would like to wear.

What styles do you like secretly? 

First Vlog

My first Vlog. I've been wanting to do one of these for a while, but I've been debating HOW I should do it. I don't really want to show my face... so, I've used Chihaya's figure instead. I'll have to see if this works down the track.

Please enjoy the first topic: He looks just like my old boyfriend. Lita/Makoto from Sailor Moon always says this line. When she says it.. it's all about love. When I heard this time.. I have the opposite reaction.

I hope I can continue with these vblogs in the future :)