Episode 9 is up! Journey with Sebastian & Ciel

New episode is up for Journey with Sebastian & Ciel.
Episode 9 is about holding another Easter Party.

This long weekend I've been busy recording for future videos. I wonder how many I can do during the break.
I've finally finished with CCS. Sakura chan is so CUTE!!! <3 But it was more fidgety with all the parts. I couldn't get her to sit on the wand to make her fly.. that would have been a good picture T_T
Once I edit the pictures/video, I'll have it up youtube next Saturday. Keep your eye out!

I'll need to save up money for Sakura's S.H. Figuart. I really want Iron man's S.H. Figuarts too.

Overview: 3D Crystal Puzzles

New video is up on Youtube. Following on from my last blog. As of today, I'm going to try and post weekly videos every Saturday. If you like my videos, please subscribe!

I brought 4x 3D Crystal Puzzles. It was fun putting it together.
It was easier than I thought! But the rose was more harder because you had to find the matching piece from the instructions picture.. and 80% of the time I was scratching my head!
During my last trip to Japan they had a lot of cute 3D puzzles with Disney characters. When I do back again, I'll have to buy some!

Please enjoy the video below!

New videos every Saturday

As of this weekend, I'll be uploading new videos every Saturday! Woohoo!
There will be a mixture of stop motion animations to cooking. I'm hoping to add some fashion/sewing/craft videos later down the track. I want to do some DIY videos on those topics ^_^

I love my Alpacasso plushies collection. I'm thinking of creating a small series later in the year. Look out for it o(*^_^*)o

Also coming up is an overview of Nendoroid's of Cardcaptor Sakura and Iron Man. I have Fate somewhere too, which I won from Japan, but it's in a hard plastic box... don't know if I'm brave enough to break open the packaging lol.

This weekend I'm planning to create a new episode for Journey with Sebastian & Ciel.
Making another Easter Party theme. I had this idea last year.. but never got around to making it but I brought the chickens! So before Easter ends.. I must make this video.
Thank you again to everyone who watches this series and subscribed to my channel. If you want to see Seb & Ciel do something, let me know =D

Below's video is about the Easter Party if you want to see a recap.