How to get smooth steam eggs/Chawanmushi

I wanted to create a video about steaming egg but I don't have much time to film and edit video anymore. With my previous video I filmed it months ago and it took 1 month on and off to edit it.
I might have to give up on  the video side and just stick with blog writing. But would that make my cooking blog too boring? 

I love steam egg and chawanmushi. The way you make it is roughly the same. Chinese steam egg is made with water and egg (some people like to put mince meat on the bottom). Chawanmushi has mirin, vegetable/prawn added in. I prefer plain steam egg with boil rice.

The secret to smooth steam egg is.... put a cover on top of the bowl!
Below is a picture of 2 steam eggs. The big bowl on the left is more rough because no cover was place on top. The small brown cup on the right was steamed with a lid on top. 
I find it interesting how a lid on top makes a difference.

So there you have it. If you're steaming egg and you want a nice smooth egg, make sure you put a lid on top while steaming.
If your bowl/cup doesn't have a lid, put a small plate on top. I do this when I'm steaming with a bigger bowl.