Japan November 2013

After coming back from my trip it was busy with work. Hate leaving work because I know I'll have to clean up things when I get back. Makes me wondering why I bother going on holiday when I know I'll be annoyed when I get back.

On a happier note. MERRY (belated) CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
2013 is going to end and 2014 will start in a 2 days times. Each year feels like it goes by faster and faster.
Below is a picture of the Christmas decorations, outside Ikeburuko Station. 


In November, I went to Japan again. You can see more pictures on flickr

This trip felt like there was more security and other things has changed.

Akiharaba has open the streets during the weekend. They haven't done this for a while since that killing rampage. It was nice to walk around on the streets... but there was so many people.


On another note, I need to go through and edit my film. I finally got my 4 rolls of film developed. It's getting harder and more expensive to develop film. It's sad that it is fading away, but while I can get my hands on film still. I'll continue to use it (^-^)v

I'll leave you with a sleepy cat picture from Japan. You can see more pictures on flickr