Uploaded BBF pictures

Hi everyone,

It's already February...where is the days going?
After been sick for a couple of months, now I'm back at work. YAY1
I've gotten off my butt and scanned and edited 2 rolls of films from using my BlackBird Fly.

Every time I edit the film pictures it never looks as nice as the tutorials people post up... my pictures always looks more dull.. or bland. Followed the instructions but still looks crap. Oh well.

First roll is from Shelly Beach, Manly

The picture above is from a shop window. I thought the items hanging was interesting. I'm glade the picture came out nice too.

Next is Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong.

I go to Nan Tien Temple with my parents each year. It doesn't change much but it's always a nice feeling I get when I'm there. (yes, it's all in my head =p)

This is a picture of the entrance with the lion statue