Hard rock/alternative metal band Gig

At the end of March was a bit crazy. 
I had a heavy metal concert gig, the week after, I few to Japan for a week to see a Johnny's concert!
When I came back, I was busy with work and family stuff.

Phew. Now I have free time.

The last two weekends, I've been sorting out my pictures and now posting them up on Flickr. 
Flickr changed their layout... I dislike layouts with too many pictures on one page, but must be where the 'trend' is going. Like with everything else in life, I'll just get use to it.

Back to the gig talk!

I cover my first hard rock/alternative metal band gig. It was fun. Met a few fans and they were totally awesome =D

The main band was The Mark Of Cain, the side bands were Blacklevel Embassy and Zeahorse.

You can see more of the pictures of Flickr below:
The Mark Of Cain
- Blacklevel Embassy
- Zeahorse