Converting lowepro bag to a normal backpack

This week I converted my lowepro bag into a normal backpack.

No matter what bag I take to work, under 6 months something will break off or it will try tearing or breaking.. Maybe it's because I keep buying keep bags.
So I thought, Why don't I use my old camera bag! It's not doing much but sitting around the house.
Since upgrading my lens collection, I couldn't use my small backpack. so had to buy bigger bags.

I've been wondering for a while if I could get rid of the middle padding inside the center of the bag, and it worked!

Now I have a comfy bag to wear to work. Hopefully this will last more than 6 months. It should be okay, since I've taken this bag around interstate and overseas. This was also the main bag I used for my concert and festival gigs too! 

Ahh.. wonderful memories <3

I hope Lowepro won't be angry with me customizing their bag. But I do love this bag, but there were days when I wished the top section was bigger.