New website layout & new blogs

I have a new layout for the website. Now it looks more professional. Do you like it?

Besides giving the website a new look, I've updated my portfolio pages and added some descriptions, instead of just a gallery. Each portfolio page has a quote, have fun reading them. 

I've separated my blog into 3 blogs, now they will be as follows:
- Photography & Niji Spiral. This will continue to be one blog because it's all about photography/video.
Clover Style. This is all about sewing and crafts
Cooking. All about cooking yummy food.
The tag started to look a bit messy and I didn't like it. So now with Clover Style and the Cooking blog, now I can separate the categories.
The only negative side is the RSS because I have to have separate RSS for each blog. Too bad you can't combine it.

Once again, I hope you enjoy the new site!