Blue Ocean

Watching Japanese, Korean and Chinese TV, so it's full summer activities. It's so nice and I wish I could relax on the beach, watching fireworks and go to festivals!

In Australia it's winter now. This always happens. When December arrives, I always think "Doesn't Japan's Christmas look so romantic, with the snow, fairy lights and activities."
Japan is all about couples! Australia on the other hand is all about celebrating with your family and friends. For other people, it's all about getting drunk and parties.

It's interesting how every country celebrates things differently. Makes the world more interesting!

Reading and watching Japanese TV and blogs, it's all about going to Hawaii or visiting the beach. The ocean looks so blue!! I was thinking recently "Why haven't I've been to the ocean to see the blue water." I seem to remember the green looking water.
I was searching through my old pictures and I took a pictures of Bondi Beach. The water has nice shades of blue! I was shocked. I have seen a nice blue ocean, I just couldn't remember. 

You can see the picture below. It was take in 2010 when they have the yearly event: Sculptures by the sea. It's interesting to see what people create. But I can't stand crowded places, so I only been once.