Hiatus~ But not for too long!

Sorry for the lack blogs and videos. I had plans over the summer holiday (christmas & new years break) to do lots of videos in advance. That failed. m(_ _)m

Instead I've been sick the last 2 months. It has taken a bit longer to recovery. But when I get my energy back I'll start posting and uploading videos.
It won't be posted weekly anymore. Videos and posts will come out randomly.

New years has passed... Chinese new years just passed too. It's the year of the monkey!

During christmas, I managed to record one video before I got sick. It's about making ice kacang! I love eating this dessert =D Once it has been edited I'll upload it.
On the same day, I also recorded how to make jelly with agar agar....... but for some odd reason my camera DIDN'T SAVE THE RECORDING...(ノ`□´)ノ⌒┻━┻  ANNOYING!! I have the finished product pictures, but that's useless now. Too lazy to record it again because for the video I used my last batch of agar agar 'doh!

Ending on a happy note, I hope everyone is well and healthy. I'll do my best to get better. Please look forward to my future new videos ^_^ Hopefully end of February or March I'll start posting and uploading videos again.