Fun at the arcades

Today's picture: TV animation, Clarence 

This picture was taken from Cartoon Network's Clarence. The episode is about Clarence someone's party and he goes around giving people tips. In this particular scene, the kid to the right is trying to hit the animal to get points. Clarence comes in and advises to 'just use your hands.' When he said that, I laughed until my tummy hurt. Why? Because I did the same in my old days too.
In the arcades there was a game called 'whack a gator.'  Green crocodiles would stick their heads out and you'll have to hit them. There was a similar game but with crabs too.
It's more fun when you have a group of friends and you all focus on one animal. The more points you get, the more tickets you win.
I don't know if arcades are around anymore in Sydney. I know when you go to a bowling place, they have a small area to win prizes and games to win tickets.