Figure skating is amazing to watch

Today's picture: Adam Rippon at Grand Prix Final in Japan

I took the picture of the TV using the toy camera, it came out better than I thought.

The Gran Prix Final was on TV in mid December 2016. I enjoyed watching Adam Rippon the most. He smiles,  has awesome jumps and shakes it like you don't care! He looks like he really enjoys it and has fun. People like Adam shines in my eyes. It's boring to watch someone with a straight or grumpy face because I wondering if they really enjoy what they are doing or if they HAVE to do it. 
I look forward to seeing Adam again on TV.

I always liked watching figure skating. When I was younger I would watch the women's skating because they looked graceful and their costumes were very pretty. The older me, enjoys watching the men's skating. The men skaters are just as graceful and their jumps are more amazing.