Kis my busaiku

Today's picture: Picture taken from Kis my busaiku, Japanese TV show.

I like watching a show called Kis my busaiku on Japanese TV. It follows the Japanese boy band, Kis-My-Ft2. It's a ranking from worst to best/coolest from actives the members does.
I started watching the show last year, so it seems to follow a dating theme. They will give an activity for the boys to do. Afterwards 100 random ladies will rank them on their performance.
It's an interesting show. There has been episodes about the boys choosing a swimsuit for their girlfriend, and dating spots in an area. The conversions can be awkward and lame sometimes.
I'm always rooting for Fujigaya san. He seems to say and do the sweet things <3

The picture below is about reversing the blue car into spot no.2. If I was on a date and my boyfriend tried to impress me with their parking skills... I don't think I'll be that impressed. Depending on the driver I'll end up with freaking out. The spot is so small, once you have parked the car, you'll have to squeeze out of the car door.