Aladdin Musical

Today's picture: Aladdin the musical brochure

Aladdin the musical was on preforming in Sydney but it finished it's last show end of March. But if you're living in Melbourne, good news! It'll be playing in your state.
Disney's Aladdin was my childhood favourite Disney animation, afterwards was Lion King.

It was an amazing show and loved every moment of it! Genie was funny and made 'Aussie' jokes. They always bring up Timtams and vegemite. I don't eat much of either!
I was expecting to Abu and Rajah but it would have been hard. Instead Aladdin and Jasmine had a group of friends by their side.
What I loved most was Iago's character, it was played by Aljin Abella. When I read reviews most people talk about Genie being funny but I loved Iago's character the most and he made me laugh non stop.
It's nice to attend a musical where you can laugh throughout it. I guess in the past, I've gone to more serious musical, like Phantom of the Opera.