Cute food plushies

Today's picture: Plushies in a shape of food

Following from last week's post. I use to waste my money playing UFO catchers/craw machine. It was more fun in Japan, but it was a waste of money and could have spent it better. On the other hand, at least I had fun and winning the item was worth it at the time.
The smaller plushies is a tofu. The two rectangle plushies is castella cake.

Japanese toy prizes always comes in sets of 2, 4 or 6. I have a lot of limited plushies but recently I had to clear it out. The toys has been in boxes or bags, unloved for many years. I tried selling them online, even as low as $5. No one wants them. Instead I decided to donate the suitable toys to an animal shelter. Hopefully the cats and dogs will enjoy them.