Fancy desserts

Today’s picture: Desserts from Koi Bar

The TV show Masterchef Australia was a big hit when it first came out in 2009. Since then, there’s more fancy looking restaurants around now. The food cooked on the show has improved so much since 2009. Now it has to look fancy and out of the world.
The dessert below is from a dessert bar called Koi Bar by Reynold Poernomo. He was a contentant on Masterchef in 2015. He was amazing at making dessert. Now he’s open 2 restaurants.

Recently I read an article with famous chef’s in debt from their restaurant. It’s sad but I guess I’ve only eaten at Jamie’s Kitchen 3 times. I don’t go to the city as much, so it’s easier ordering from a local italian restaurant.
I hope Reynold won’t expand too much of he’s buisness quickly and becomes successful.