Fleece cape

Last month I made a long fleece cape. Think I have an obsession with capes.. (^-^);
(Apologies for the bad quality photo. I took this picture in a rush)

Outside is the fleece fabric and inside is the satin material.
I read some patterns, and a lot of people make the cape with 1 layer. But I think it's more nice to have an inside layer.
With this cape, I designed it myself, so it didn't turn out as nice as it could have been. If you look really carefully, you can see the bottom side cut in!! I should have added more flare.. but when I was drawing up the pattern I didn't think about that. But that's how you learn!

I added a ribbon on the top.
I need to work out how to use the button feature on my sewing machine. It's suppose to be a 'one step buttonhole'. I've tried to so many times and I can't get it to work.. T__T One day I'll get it to work, but as for now, I'll stick with using ribbons.