Quick & Easy Chocolate Valentine's Day recipe (バレンタインのチョコレシピ)

Valentine's Day is next month!
In Japan, the girls would make chocolate for their love ones (boys they have a crush on, husband or boyfriend), work colleague, friends, etc.
Times like this, I'm thankful I don't live in Japan because I would be broke if I had to buy chocolates for people I like and don't like! (^_^);;

I've made a video on making quick and easy chocolate cups and chocolate from a mould.
All you need to do is: buy your favourite chocolate bar and melt it! 

If you make your own, I'll love to know how it turned out! 

Please look at the recipe below:

Prep time: 10-20mins
Fridge time: 15mins or overnight

400g chocolate (milk/white/dark). Can use chocolate chips or bars

Silicone Mould/cupcake cups
Nuts/sweets for the decoration
Baking tray or long flat plate
1 big bowl
1 small bowl

1. Grab the big bowl and add hot water into the bowl
2. Place the smaller bowl inside the big bowl
3. Break the chocolate and add it into the small bowl
4. Keep stirring until all the chocolate has melted. Afterwards put the bowl aside.
5. Grab the silicone mould or cupcake cups and pour the chocolate inside
6. Afterwards add nuts or sweets on top of the mould or cups
7. When the tray is full, place the tray into the fridge. It’ll take about 15 mins to set the chocolate (depending on your fridge setting), but you can leave it overnight too.
8. After the chocolate has harden, now it’s ready to serve and eat