Kow Chan Kuih - 9 layer Keuh

Over the weekend I tried making 9 layer kuih/kueh. It was from a Nonya recipe book. It turned out to be more firm, than the store brought soft ones. Main ingredients were rice flour, coconut milk and sugar. I wonder if using the tapioca flour will make it softer.. will need to experiment to see next time. 
This recipe was more easier than I thought. You just need to steam each layer and it's done.
As an end result, at least each layer piled off nicely. I steam each layer for 5 mins. Next time I'll reduce it to 3min and see if it will make the layers more soft.
I put too much pink colouring, so the layers is dark pink. The top layer is a lighter pink because I combined he remaining white mix with the pink mix. Need to work on my 1-2 drops.

I don't know the difference between the spelling Kuih and Kueh... Maybe one is Malaysian and one is Singaporean? I will need to look into the difference too.