New videos every Saturday

As of this weekend, I'll be uploading new videos every Saturday! Woohoo!
There will be a mixture of stop motion animations to cooking. I'm hoping to add some fashion/sewing/craft videos later down the track. I want to do some DIY videos on those topics ^_^

I love my Alpacasso plushies collection. I'm thinking of creating a small series later in the year. Look out for it o(*^_^*)o

Also coming up is an overview of Nendoroid's of Cardcaptor Sakura and Iron Man. I have Fate somewhere too, which I won from Japan, but it's in a hard plastic box... don't know if I'm brave enough to break open the packaging lol.

This weekend I'm planning to create a new episode for Journey with Sebastian & Ciel.
Making another Easter Party theme. I had this idea last year.. but never got around to making it but I brought the chickens! So before Easter ends.. I must make this video.
Thank you again to everyone who watches this series and subscribed to my channel. If you want to see Seb & Ciel do something, let me know =D

Below's video is about the Easter Party if you want to see a recap.