Shrimp on the barbie

Today's picture: BBQ sausages

Australia Day is on 26th January. It's a public holiday. Australia doesn't have many public holidays, Japan and USA has more holidays.

I don't know why but if it's sunny day when I'm with family/friends we cook on the BBQ. Love cooking sausages, it's not healthy but cooking them on the BBQ is more tasty. 

I don't know anyone who says the word barbie.. but they do use it in ads and you have the famous quote 'throw a shrimp on the barbie.'
In Japan they like to BBQ shell seafood. But in Australia we're more meat eaters. I always see more chicken, sausage and red meats.

I was watching a documentary on SBS channel called For The Love of Meat. Interesting show 3 part series about chicken, pig and cow. Now I know more terminology and how the animals are treated.
Did you know Australians eat chicken the most? I would agree with this because I eat more chicken in my diet.