Happy Chinese New Year

Today's picture: Chinese New Year Cake brought from the Asian grocery.

Chinese New Year was yesterday, 28th January 2017. It's the year of the Rooster.
I like when Chinese New Year is coming up because the stores are filled with lots of tasty snacks and decorations.
One of my favourite snacks is the Chinese New Year Cake. In Chinese it's called Nian Gao. It's a sticky rice cake. My mum would make it for me when I was younger. It's nice when it was freshly steamed. 
I like to eat it after it's been cooked but another option is to cut it and fry it in a pan. It was okay when fried.. but I do prefer to eat it as it is.

During Chinese New Year, there's a lot of customs and superstition, like don't wash your hair and don't clean you house on New Years day. Best to do your spring cleaning before because when you clean on New Year day you'll brush the good luck away.

If you go to the festivals, the lion will be out doing it's dance to give good luck to business. The drum beam always makes my heart skip a beat, very loud but I still enjoy watching the dance.