Yummy chicken wings

Today's picture: BBQ chicken wings

Out of all the meat, chicken is my favourite, then it's fish, pork, beef and lamb.
I watched a documentary on SBS (Australia TV) last year and they said Australia eat chicken the most.
When I was smaller, my parents use to order ribs and chicken. It was tasty and I always enjoyed ripping the wing apart. I'm sure they would have use BBQ sauce to cook the chicken wings and put it in the oven.. but even from this day I can't reproduce the same taste or texture. If anyone know the recipe, please let me know :)

The picture below is from a restaurant called ribs and burgers. Their food is very tasty, if you're in Sydney go and try it.
I remember trying ribs and burgers a few years ago, when they had a shop in neutral bay. Everything nice always starts out in the lower north shore area. Maybe because it's where the rich people live. They must have been successful because now they branched out. It's nice watching a resturant do well.