Photo sticker booth- Purikura

Today's picture: Sample sticker pictures of purikura

About 10 years ago, sticker photo booths or in Japanese it's called purikura  (プリクラ) started to appear in the city. It was exciting because you could decorate the stickers and have different background, best of all you have stickers. Made it easier to have extra columns, so you can cut bits out for your friends.

Over the years the machine has improved. It makes your skin look more white and your enlarges your eyes. But sometimes if the eyes are too big, it can look very odd or scary.
I always envy the models in the sample pictures. I never look that good, have you had good pictures? In the end I always cover my face with a mask or sunglasses, or something goofy looking.

In Japan the machines cost about 300-500 yen, depending on the machines. In Sydney the machines are about $10-15. You have to put $1 coins in the slot, it's not fun putting in 10+ coins into the slot.