Too many things to do

I keep telling myself to stop buying pattern books and magazines! But it doesn't work... I still have to buy it. Now I have lots of patterns to try.. but where do I find the time??
I have to sit myself down and start something...

But even if I have started a project. I have a few unfinished items lying around.... I feel bad.
I have a stuff toy head completed, but I need to start on the body.
Below's picture, I've sew and stuff everything together, but I have to sew the head, body, arms and tail together!
If you're wondering what it looks like.. it was suppose to be a cat... but now it looks like a koala.

Another unfinished project is this octopus. I've sew everything together. Just need to put the face and stuff it. 
Hopefully I'll get around to all these projects and start a new one too.