DIY Chicken in a Bottle

I was cleaning up my room and I found a bottle I brought last year. I was planning to fill it up with lucky stars, but haven't had time to make it. In other words, I've been lazy =p

The bottle came with 3 pills with different face expressions. Very cute expressions! I had to use it some how.

This is very easy to make and you can find any items around the house. Fill your bottle up with the things you like! 
For me, I had the bottle and pills for decoration. I had hard strings in my craft box. So I thought it'll make a good birds nest.
If you've watched my youtube channel, I have used the Easter wired chickens during my videos. (see the episode here). The chickens are so cute. I was planning to throw them away but then thought it'll be a good idea to stick it in a bottle! So I can stare at them forever. =D

Lets get started with the things you need:

  • Empty Bottle/jar
  • Wired Chickens/Easter chicken toy
  • Hard string/thread (for the nest)
  • Bamboo stick/long stick
  • Decorations (optional)


Before we begin, make sure your bottle/jar is nice and clean! You don't want extra food bits rotting inside you bottle! (^~^)

  1. Take your empty bottle/jar and put the nest inside the bottle. Use the bamboo stick to poke it in place
  2. Add the chickens on top of the nest. Use the bamboo stick to poke and push it in place
  3. Add the decoration inside the bottle or decorate the bottle on the outside with a ribbon

Now you're chicken in a bottle is complete! 

Watch the video below for visual instructions. Enjoy making your own bottle decorations and send a picture of your end product. I'll love to see it!